January 2007

January 2007

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Peepers

Just got back from my parent's house in the country. The spring peepers were out (no, not the marshmallow kind.) I don't have peepers at my house. I guess I'll have to play my spring peeper CD tonight while I fall asleep. Oh, how I miss the sounds of the country. Spring peepers is the best sound after a long winter. Who agrees with me?
(click on my title of spring peepers to view the e-nature page about peepers and listen to them.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Day - April 22, 2010

Earth Day - April 22, 2010
What are you doing in your yard/garden for a sustainable lifestyle? Last fall I chopped up my leaves in my trusty shredder and spread them throughout my gardens. Granted, some of them blew back into the yard with our strong lake winds, but they were small enough to decompose where they landed. I dumped some in my compost pile and will be using those this spring to mulch more of my gardens with. During the long, cold, snowy winter I saved my kitchen scraps in a big, covered bucket. When it was full, and the weather wasn't too bad, I trudged down to the compost pile and emptied it. Most of it is still there waiting to be turned over but the squirrels and birds did have a few meals from my scraps. And that is fine, it's fun to watch them digging for treasure. This spring I'll have plenty of nutrient rich soil from the bottom of my compost pile to enrich my heavy clay soil with.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bookish Birdhouses: Frances and Mary

This is a link to a blog I saw about decorating cheap, plain, wooden birdhouses with pages from childrens' books.

Bookish Birdhouses: Frances and Mary: "So many of you have told me that you love (and miss seeing!) the birdho..."

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first blog

I finally gave in to the desire to start blogging. I decided to blog about gardening since that is my passion. Last week we had sunshine and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. I was outside after work every day uncovering my daffodils that were struggling to break through layers of maple leaves and winter dirt. My crocus are blooming (I even saw a bee buzzing in one of them, happy as could be.) I also found 1 lonely English daisy in bloom. This week is cold and rainy but the spring rain will wash away the dirt and turn everything green again.