January 2007

January 2007

Monday, June 7, 2010

blooms in the greenhouse garden

Spent 5 hours Saturday weeding in the greenhouse garden. Stopped occasionally to enjoy the flowers and snap a few pictures.
This is one of my oriental poppies growing in the middle of a large patch of lemon thyme. The nice thing about this is that once the poppy dies back, I can cut it down and the thyme fills in the empty spot.

This is Verbascum in front of a rose bush. I have no idea the name of the rose. It's from a shrub rose that was my great-great grandmother's. Smells wonderful, grows like a weed!

I took this picture a few years ago when the ajuga was in bloom. I planted a very small bit of ajuga in 1994 and look at it now. When someone offers you a pot of "extra" flowers they dug up - BEWARE! There's a reason they're giving it away.


  1. Oh but I love the ajuga... beautiful!

  2. Hi Bonnie~~ You're so right about the likes of Ajuga. [People call it Bugle weed. I call it Bungle weed.] ... Bishop's weed is another "no thank you pass-a-long plant, don't you think? Nice innocent foliage turns guilty once it hits the soil.

    Your verbascum and rose look like my garden, nice combo. And I love the genius behind the aftermath of the pop-up poppy, allowing the thyme to hide the evidence.

    Enough with the rain already! :)