January 2007

January 2007

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Fall "Easter Egg" Hunt

Autumn is here and that means it's time for the squirrel's annual "Autumn Nut Hunt", similar to our Easter Egg hunt.  Everywhere I go in my yard,  discover beechnuts hidden in the oddest places.  Here are three pictures of hidden nuts. 
A few days ago, I was pulling down the dead morning glory vines and was rudely bopped on the head by a beechnut hidden in the vines.  These only stay hidden a few days, when the squirrels get hungry, they find them and make quite a mess scattering the outer layers as they get to the prize inside. 
(I had more, but they were in my camera program on my computer and my computer crashed. Don't ya' love these computers! I thought I had everything backed up, but forgot about all those pictures sitting in my camera program waiting to be saved to a folder. )


  1. Hi Bonnie Thanks for dropping by my blog.You made me smile with the post re the beechnuts and squirrels. Loved all your Halloween decor.. my fav has to be the trike rider. Will be back .

  2. Ha! I, too, find peanuts and black walnuts in the oddest places. I just picked some brussel sprouts and found sunflower seeds tucked into the leaves! Those beech nuts look big - hope you didn't get a lump on your head.

  3. Bonnie girl your blog looks amazing !
    It is so pretty .. I think we are all experimenting with them now since we can't actually garden ;-)
    Yes those squirrels are funny creatures .. I find nuts in my pots that I haven't dumped yet and all sorts of different places .. I just throw them over my shoulder and say "SUPPER!!!!" hahaha
    That is a gorgeous header picture !
    Joy : )
    PS .. I still won't tell your mom about your oops and slicing through that bulb .. your secret is safe with me ! LOL

  4. Squirrels are up to the same sorts of tricks in my garden as well. I find nuts buried in my planters and window boxes!