January 2007

January 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding guest basket for reception bathrooms

My nephew is getting married soon and my sister wanted some guest baskets in the bathrooms at the reception so I volunteered to put them together.  My daughter and I had fun roaming the store aisles looking for anything that someone might need in those little "emergencies" that pop up.  
Included in the girl's basket are:
hairspray, deodorant, feminine pads and tampons, combs, static guard, band-aids, Tums, dental floss, mini disposable toothbrushes, Advil, nail file, hair scrunchies, clear nail polish, tweezers, wet wipes, and a  lint roller. The men's basket has the same items minus any "feminine" stuff.  
Each bathroom will get a can of air freshener and a box of tissues. The girl's bathroom will also get some pretty smelling soap and hand cream.

I lined the baskets with fall fabric. With the girl's basket, I cut a large circle of fabric and let it hang over the sides and glued a fall ribbon around the outside edge, finishing with a big bow.  For the men's basket, I folded under the edges of the material and hot glued it to the inside edges of the basket.

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