January 2007

January 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings - Hurricane Sandy, Alyssum, and more

Good news, Hurricane Sandy didn't do anything here - just another windy day.  2 sections of my neighbor's fence did fall onto part of my flower garden, but I had an old metal step-stool there and an old wooden chair that broke its fall so it didn't destroy any plants.  The wooden chair is history. Good thing I only paid $1 for it at a garage sale! My heart breaks for everyone in Sandy's path who've lost everything.

The following is a verse from my children's story "The Moonlight Garden" about a stroll through a flower garden bathed in moonlight -

Clumps of white alyssum, swirling around our feet in waves of glowing mist, guide us down the garden path. The smell of sweet cotton candy floats up to greet us. 
My alyssum is still blooming, although a bit more buried in leaves than when I took this photo.  I have not had a hard frost yet at my house despite some morning temperatures in the high 20's. 

This weekend begins my marathon month of wreath making.  I've been "grooming" my niece for the past few years on how to make them and she will be helping me this year.  Besides selling them at our family Christmas tree farm, we have signed up for a craft show.  She's 10 yrs old and very excited at the prospect of earning her own money.

                                Stay warm and enjoy the busy holiday season coming up!

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  1. Wow. A wreath maker at only 10. That's great.
    Love the alyssum. Would like to have an area with that much. Glad you were spared anything from Storm Sandy.