January 2007

January 2007

Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's the little things in life

It's the little things in life that count -
this is such a common statement.
It's true in so many ways - the little moments in life that might pass you by if you're not watching.  The smile of a baby, the purr of a kitten.  The brief scent of flowers on a summer's breeze or the smell of new fallen snow.  
We are all so busy in our lives, we don't stop to "smell the roses."  How many little moments pass us by without us noticing?  
I love noticing the little things in life, but I also love the little, miniature physical things you can buy or make.  Doll house furniture, miniature fairy gardens, anything little captures my attention.  
These little colanders were a Christmas gift from my daughter. She knows me so well.  I have them on my kitchen window sill where I take pleasure in seeing them every day.  I even use them!  They're great for rinsing a handful of strawberries, or grapes. Or to use as a tea strainer, or set tomatoes in to ripen.  I just love them!!
What little things in life do you enjoy? 


  1. Bonnie thanks for the reminder to stop and notice and appreciate the little things. Love your little colanders..... cute.Smart daughter.

  2. That's a great reminder. Appreciating the little things in life that makes it worthwhile. I love my cat Felix who enjoys wrapping himself around my neck when he sleeps, it's like a warm, live scarf.