January 2007

January 2007

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cherry blossoms - friend or foe?

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, the day after my car was 100% covered in weeping cherry blossoms.  See how the front bumper near the license plate is covered? That's what my whole car looked like. I wish I'd taken a picture then. My husband's new black truck was also covered. He was none too happy, let me tell you!! We've had the tree for years but must be every other year when the blossoms fall, it isn't raining. They just puddle in the driveway like piles of snow. The rain makes them stick like glue. Good think he really likes this tree, otherwise the chainsaw may have made a presence.  I had so many compliments on how I decorated my car.  He drives 40 miles to work on a highway and expected the flowers to fly off before he got there - didn't happen. Our rain must be pretty strong glue.  He got a lot of compliments on his big truck too, from all his buddies.  Again, he was none too happy! I thought it was rather pretty.


  1. Hello there Bonnie !
    I wish I could have seen the car and truck .. that would have been cute : ) We get a little of that sort of thing too and all this rain seems to truly work like glue as you said ! This is one weird Spring !
    I had a peek at your peaches and cream bread and WOW ! that looks amazing ! I have never heard of it before .. I bet it tastes wonderful with a nice cup of tea : )

  2. Hallo Bonnie,
    das Problem mit den Blütenblättern kenne ich auch. In unserer Garageneifahrt steht ein Kirschbaum, die Blütenblätter kleben nach Regen so sehr, dass die Autos in die Waschanlage müssen.
    Aber dafür gibt es bald leckere Kirschen.