January 2007

January 2007

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new plants added to my garden

I used some of my gift certificates to our local nursery and bought some new plants for my garden. Now my problem is, I want so many things but don't know where to plant them. The only full sun my yard gets is in the driveway and in front of my house, which isn't a very large space. So the neighbors get to watch me walk around my yard holding plants and staring at my gardens. They must wonder what is wrong with me! Just trying to find a spot for my babies.  
I found a narrow spot for this gold thread cypress. I have 2 others but they are in my gardens in the country. One at my Dad's and one at my son's. (Hence my blog name - here a garden, there a garden.)  I wanted one I could see everyday, something to add a bit of sunny yellow to my yard.  As they all get bigger, I plan to trim them in December and use the trimmings in the Christmas wreaths I make. Has anyone used gold cypress in wreaths?

This is a Scotch broom. Not sure if it has anything to do with Scotland, but I'll be going there in 3 weeks so I'll find out if they have these. I did put this in front of my house.  I was pleasantly surprised the next day when I discovered it was the source of the perfumed air I smelled every time I walked out of my house.  I'm hoping the rain coming off the roof doesn't destroy it. Or the ice in winter. I may have to make a shelter for it during the winter.

Here is my white climbing rose.  I've been working on a children's story about a moonlight garden. In the garden there is a white arbor covered with white roses, so of course I had to plant one.
The last thing I bought was an Endless Summer Hydrangea.  I had a beautiful hydrangea that was hit by a fungus last year. I decided to try another one.  It's pretty small right now, but I'm sure it will grow as long as the bugs and diseases leave it alone.


  1. I was up in my cabin in the adirondacks this past week, and I had to go to Home Depot for mulch... it almost killed me not to buy stuff... they must have had 12 different types of lilacs to pick from. It was a near thing... but honestly, I said to self... I come in May and in late August, what would the point be. Reason won out, for once.... at least until next year. Its that plant crazy time of year up there!

  2. Some great choices. That Rose sure is full on the bottom. If it stays that dense that will be some beauty as it gets bigger. Like the scotch broom. I regret not buying one last year but couldn't figure where to add it in my yard. Will be fun to watch yours mature out.

  3. Lovely gardens... what zone are you? I love white roses. I've always wanted to try an all-white garden.

  4. Jess, I'm jealous that you have a cabin in the Adirondacks. We camp there quite often at the State parks.
    Sunray, my rose bush is full of blooms, can't wait till it gets taller.
    Katherine, I'm in zone 4.

  5. Bonnie,
    thank you for your visit and comment.
    Before I buy any plants for the garden I check the label to get more information. Shade or sun?
    How much space is needed for the plant to grow?
    The Linden tree in our garden had to be cut down because I made the mistake to select a tree to big for our backyard:(
    Hopefully you will find the right spot for your new plants:)
    - Cheers Gisela.

  6. We have a different Scotch broom here - it's invasive as all heck on our Island and it's so hard to get rid of! Your climbing rose looks like it's going to be lovely!

  7. Dear Bonnie. Whatcha up to? Don't you think its about time you started blogging again? :)