January 2007

January 2007

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Greenhouse Garden update

A few new pictures of my greenhouse garden -
Here is my very own live orangecicle - orange gladiola and white liatris

Pink butterfly bush (huge blooms- over a foot long!) with white rose of sharon as a backdrop.

Don't you just love it when a "non-plan" comes together? These are my fuchsia colored phlox, which I just happened to plant around my purple rose of sharon (because there was empty space there) and they just happened to bloom at the same time - I didn't even think about that when I planted them. The phlox filled in the bare lower branches of the rose of sharon. Love it!!!


  1. Well you've created some wonderful combinations ... intended or not! Love, love the Gladiola and Liatris pairing ... stunning! Your happy accident with the Phlox and Rose of Sharon is very pretty...as is the white Rose of Sharon and Buddleia mingling! Well done.

  2. That gladiola is over the top... wild... while I don't usually care for things that even approach orange, I find it to be spectacular!! L

  3. Your second photo could've been taken in my garden! I have the same colored Butterfly Bush with a white Rose of Sharon behind it, but my R of S is not full like yours. For some reason it grows up but not out, which disappoints me greatly. It's flowering now and looking prettier than it usually does, which is some consolation :)
    I love the gladdy with the white liatris. My glads are just beginning to bloom. A beautiful pink and white opened yesterday.
    Your purple liatris (in a previous post) are so tall and beautiful. It's too bad the rain knocks things over. My Golden Glows always look quite battered and sad after a heavy rain.
    What a happy accident the phlox and purple R of S are together.
    You're absolutely right about finding time to post photos. It seems almost impossible to me this summer.
    Thanks for visiting!