January 2007

January 2007

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clip Clocks - a unique gift for that hard to buy for person

Do you have a hard to buy for person in your family? My cousin has created the most unique item. It's a watch that is hidden inside of a beautiful pin. Many designs to choose from. Please visit her site by clicking on my post title and check out these unusual watches for yourself.

A ClipClock .is an original invention of Deanna A. Hubbard of Deanna's Nest Egg. After years of performing in various ways at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY she became tired of hiding her watch while trying to check the time and stay anachronistically correct. These clocks are a great addition to any reenactor costume or just an accessory to your favorite outfit.
I create all the clocks from Jewelry and/or Vintage Jewelry Parts. I combine different pieces of jewelry to create the perfect accessory for you.
Orders are shipped within 2 days.

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