January 2007

January 2007

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Morning, Glory

Good Morning, Glories. What a treat to wake up in the morning with these flowers, all of us turning our faces to the sun. These photos were taken a couple weeks ago. Some of my morning glories are still flowering while others have succumbed to the cold.  I find it strange that when you plant morning glories from a seed packet, you are instructed to nick the seeds or soak them so as to help them germinate better through their very hard outer layer.  My morning glories have  no trouble re-seeding themselves year after year with no help from me.  I let most of them grow where they land, only pulling out the ones that will take over other plants.  In this first photo are my well-behaved morning glories, growing where they're supposed to.

Meandering through the alyssum

Climbing a small shepherd's hook and trailing off into the boxwood

Climbing the lilac bush

Wrapped around another shepherd's hook and vining through the Russian Sage

Twisting through the snowball bush

In and around the turtleheads

Up yet another shepherd's hook and over to check out the birdhouse

One more behaving itself, climbing a trellis

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my wandering Morning Glories.  I expect my crop to be larger next year. If I'm not careful, they will soon take over my garden!


  1. I just love morning glories! I've gotten some of my prettiest ones from seeds that have self sown around the garden. My compost pile was especially beautiful this year thanks to them.
    Very nice pictures!

  2. Very nice tour of your morning glories, they really seem like wanderers. hope they don't overtake your garden, even thought they are very beautiful

  3. I just love Morning Glories, too! Don't you just love the name.

  4. Sue, I'll have to throw some of mine in the compost pile and see what they do :)
    The name Morning Glory - you know it isn't a glorious morning if you look out and they aren't open. Just like us, they don't like cloudy, rainy days.

  5. You're morning glories are beautiful!! All of those are reseeded! Wow!