January 2007

January 2007

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My winter oasis

My Winter Oasis

Seed catalogs surround me;
Me and my cup of tea.
My cat on my lap,
And maybe a nap.

I close my eyes
And dream of blue skies.
A lilac scented breeze,
Birds singing in the trees.

Flowers in their beds,
Shades of yellow and red.
Sun shining bright,
It’ll be a warm night.

 Alas, I open my eyes
And see the gray skies.
The view from my window
Is nothing but snow.

I’ll make do with artificial light;
My houseplants in sight.
I’ll be content with this,
My winter oasis.

Where is your winter oasis?


  1. What a great poem! I love your enclosed porch. We have one too, but not as large as yours and ours is not heated. We do keep our plants in there, it's usually around 40 degrees in the winter, so we don't sit there. Yours definitely looks like an oasis.

  2. Loved your poem. You do have an oasis there. My indoor enclosed porch is about 55 degrees at night and a fireplace increases the heat to comfortable when I work in my office - which houses about forty plants too.

  3. What a wonderful spot , can see spending hours in this oasis.

  4. goodness I wish I had an oasis like this. What a gorgeous room to sun yourself in. I'd be like a cat, lying stretched out on the floor soaking in the rays. The snow must be getting to me!

  5. What a cosy corner Bonnie. And that poem is perfect!

  6. Love the poem- you're lucky to have your porch as inspiration!

  7. I would love to come and sit for awhile in your oasis ... what a charming place to browse seed catalogues and have a cup of tea.

  8. I just saw your oasis and poem. Both are lovely!

    Diana Buzalski