January 2007

January 2007

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Spring teaser day

Look real close at this picture. Can you see what has me excited?
It's GRASS!!!    
I haven't seen grass since some time in December!  Yesterday we had a spring teaser day. The temperature rose to a balmy 58 degrees. Wow, can you believe it? Some brave souls dug out their shorts and tees. Winter coats, hats, mittens were tossed aside.  I went for a walk before work. Also something I have not done since sometime in November or December. There was no ice to slip on.  The birds greeted me with their morning song. The air smelled like spring - warm breeze and squishy mud.  It was also filled with a most delightful sound of dripping ice melting off our roofs.
Today is a different story - 50 mph wind gusts mixed with snow flurries and a temperature of 17 degrees. Oh, how cruel Mother Nature can be. Or maybe she was just showing us a preview of what is soon to come. Building our winter weary spirits back up. Saying "Buck up, you know spring is just around the corner. Here's a reminder of what's coming your way." 
It did help all of us who are suffering the winter doldrums. Our spirits rose, our batteries are recharged. We're tough old birds; we have what it takes to get through the last few weeks of winter.
To help me through this cold day, I re-potted an African Violet that had 2 babies and re-potted a purple cyclamen in a pretty pot.  Love getting my hands in that soil!


  1. Congrats on seeing grass! We had some edges "peek" out too, and I was so thrilled. I spent the day prepping seed trays (for end of NEXT month).....but the warmth sure felt good. Tonight-a winter storm with 8-10 inches.

  2. We've had similar weather. Two days of sun and melting - oh how delicious that was. Then followed by a snow storm *sigh* I know spring is coming but it would be nice if it came a little sooner.

  3. Grass? Grass? Hmmmm let me look it up. Oh. Grass! *sigh* Don't think I'll be seeing any of that real soon. In fact I can't even open my deck door - it's drifted shut. *whine*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll have a PBJ at lunch and think of ya! :-D